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The Adeyfield Academy

Year 7 Scholars


  • Poetry and creative writing for schools. Enter a submission to Young Writers. Successful entries may be published:
  • Submit a piece to English and Media Centre (EMC): g_Students.pdf
  • The Newspaper Challenge: read a news article from online or actual print once a week and discuss it with someone at home or with your tutor group
  • Play language-based games to help develop literacy skills. Such games could include Scrabble, Lexicon, Double Quick, Upwords, Dingbats and WordDrop
  • Write a play or a collection of poems or short stories to help extend writing skills
  • Choose an issue in the media or in your community. Write a letter to the Mayor of Dacorum which outlines your concerns and the issues which affect you .
  • Create a holiday guide or travel brochure for a place that you have visited or would like to visit


  • Play strategy games e.g. Bridge, Chess, Go, Risk, Monopoly and Dominos
  • Research the Golden Ratio and write a report explaining it to a primary school student
  • Snowflake, Seashell, Star – an interactive, numerical colouring book by Alex Bellos
  • Enter the Junior Maths Challenge competitions/junior-challenge/


  • Join the STEM club with ...


  • Create a scrapbook of any sport, sportsperson, or sporting event from broadsheet newspapers
  • Be a part of a school sports club


  • Play GeoGuessR online - (Game using StreetView images that drops the player in a random location and challenges them to work out where they are)
  • Research a country of your choice and write a short report including information about its population, culture, economy, and environment


  • “What was it like for a child in the                        era?” Imagine what it was like to live in a chosen historical era and write a first-person narrative of 500 words that describes the experience
  • Investigate a famous person from English history: write a biographical profile listing their qualities, achievements, historical context, and legacy 

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) 

Art & Textiles 

  • Research a famous artist - write a biographical report including their influences, their major works, the themes they explore and the time they lived and worked in


  • Choose a famous invention - what were its impacts, how and why was it invented and what would the world be like without it today?


  • Learn to code using some of the links in the reading list

Philosophy and Ethics 

  • Produce fact files for the six world religions – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism. Consider their origins, beliefs, and practices


  • Choose a favourite song - try to analyse at its melody and its lyrics (if it has them) - write a response about what you like about it and why


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