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The Adeyfield Academy

Year 7 Scholars


  • Poetry and creative writing for schools. Enter a submission to Young Writers. Successful entries may be published:
  • Submit a piece to English and Media Centre (EMC): g_Students.pdf
  • The Newspaper Challenge: read a news article from online or actual print once a week and discuss it with someone at home or with your tutor group
  • Play language-based games to help develop literacy skills. Such games could include Scrabble, Lexicon, Double Quick, Upwords, Dingbats and WordDrop
  • Write a play or a collection of poems or short stories to help extend writing skills
  • Choose an issue in the media or in your community. Write a letter to the Mayor of Dacorum which outlines your concerns and the issues which affect you .
  • Create a holiday guide or travel brochure for a place that you have visited or would like to visit


  • Play strategy games e.g. Bridge, Chess, Go, Risk, Monopoly and Dominos
  • Research the Golden Ratio and write a report explaining it to a primary school student
  • Snowflake, Seashell, Star – an interactive, numerical colouring book by Alex Bellos
  • Enter the Junior Maths Challenge competitions/junior-challenge/


  • Join the STEM club with teh Science department


  • Create a scrapbook of any sport, sportsperson, or sporting event from broadsheet newspapers
  • Be a part of a school sports club


  • Play GeoGuessR online - (Game using StreetView images that drops the player in a random location and challenges them to work out where they are)
  • Research a country of your choice and write a short report including information about its population, culture, economy, and environment


  • “What was it like for a child in the                        era?” Imagine what it was like to live in a chosen historical era and write a first-person narrative of 500 words that describes the experience
  • Investigate a famous person from English history: write a biographical profile listing their qualities, achievements, historical context, and legacy 

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) 

Art & Textiles 

  • Research a famous artist - write a biographical report including their influences, their major works, the themes they explore and the time they lived and worked in


  • Choose a famous invention - what were its impacts, how and why was it invented and what would the world be like without it today?


  • Learn to code using some of the links in the reading list

Philosophy and Ethics 

  • Produce fact files for the six world religions – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism. Consider their origins, beliefs, and practices


  • Choose a favourite song - try to analyse at its melody and its lyrics (if it has them) - write a response about what you like about it and why.  Are there any features you do not like? What suggestions can you give to make it more appealing to its target audience?



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