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Year 11 Scholars


  • Enter a submission to Young Writers




  • Submit a project to the Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Competition - submissions are due in late March
  • Research a problem of scientific ethics and the relationship between science and society - for example AI, the editing of the human genome, animal testing and human trials. What are the arguments around a controversial development and practice and what do you think the way forward should be? Write as a discussion piece.


  • Choose a vulnerable group in society with poor health outcomes and research the reasons behind these outcomes. Create a holistic public health plan that could improve fitness, diet and wellbeing through a few initiatives.


  • Research a conflict either between countries or within a foreign country that is currently or has recently been in the news - how has geography shaped the conflict? Consider location, environment, resources, natural disasters, demographics.
  • For any of our themes and topics, research a case study of your own that you could potentially use in the exam. Create a fact file of the sort we have created in class. 


  • Watch the 2018 film ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ - write a review outlining the historical accuracy of the film. What position does it take? Who does it sympathise with? What interpretation of the events is it putting forward? Is anything left out? 

Modern Foreign Languages 

  • These organisations offer a range of activities for linguists including holiday classes, films and cultural workshops:



Art  and Textiles 

  • What is art? Research the philosophical branch of aesthetics. What answers have art historians, critics and philosophers come up with in answer to this question? As an extension, what makes art good or bad? How should we judge its quality? Is it entirely subjective or is there more to it than simply liking what we like?



  • Business survival and adaptation - choose a prominent business that has failed over the last twelve years (or better yet, the last twelve months). Research their reasons for failure and devise a business survival and adaptation plan. How could they adapt new products, technologies, operations, target markets and marketing mix to survive in a rapidly changing business environment?


  • Read any plays written by Bertolt Brecht. For example: ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’, ‘The Threepenny Opera’, and ‘Mother Courage and her Children.’ Consider how Brechtian techniques are weaved into the plot.


  • Complete a grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory exam online (booking required)


  • Write a letter to your MP about something in your area you want improved
  • Join a pressure group and promote it in class by raising awareness
  • Volunteer to help others in your school 1 hour a week
  • Explore the Israel Palestine conflict. Can you write a non-biased review of it?
  • Research a current conflict. Why is it happening? How could it be solved?
  • How effective is mediation?
  • Why is there no Global Government? 

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