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Year 10 Scholars


  • Enter a submission to Young Writers




  • What is science? Research this question and start by investigating ‘the philosophy of science’. Are our definitions of science clear cut? Why/why not? What debates are there over the definition of science? What do we consider a ‘science’ and what do we dismiss as ‘pseudo-science’? Answer in a discussion format
  • Submit a project to the Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Competition - submissions are due in late March


  • Complete a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in a chosen subject related to your option. 


  • Follow a Tropical Storm's Path: Plot the path of a tropical storm or hurricane on a map. Record data about the storm, and make predictions about whether a storm will become a hurricane. Confirm or revise your predictions as you get new data.
  • Research the impact of geography on the wealth and power of nations - why do you think most wealthy and powerful countries are found in the temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere? Why did societies in Eurasia and later North America dominate the world in terms of wealth and power? Good books on this topic include ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ by Jared Diamond (or anything by this author),
  • Why the West Rules - For Now’ by Ian Morris


  • Choose a century in human history. What was the most significant event that occurred within it? Create a brief essay outlining which development you’ve chosen and why it is significant in the context of that century and today’s world.
  • Research the history of another branch of science or technology during the medieval or renaissance eras. What were the assumptions and misconceptions that were later challenged? Who were the key figures? Are there similar patterns of progress and regress as we see in medicine? 

Modern Foreign Languages 

  • These organisations offer a range of activities for linguists including holiday classes, films and cultural workshops:



Art and Textiles 

  • Research an artistic movement and the notable artists within it - look at their aims, techniques, content and form. Try and create an artwork in the style of this movement 


  • How do science and technology interlink? Research a scientific breakthrough (this could be a new material developed from chemical engineering, new forms of energy that have come out of the study of physics, etc.) and analyse how this has shaped products and production processes.


  • Research a problem of ethics in computing - for example AI, the use of tracking software in hiring and college admissions, deep fakes or the influence of social media on political choices. What are the arguments around a controversial development and practice and what do you think the way forward should be? Write as a discussion piece. 


  • Research the development and expansion of a prominent and interesting business (the Guy Raz podcast in the resources could be a useful starting point) - write a feature article for a business magazine on the business and its founder. Include their professional background and skills, how they came up with the idea, their marketing mix and first steps, the challenges of the early stages of the business and how they overcame these, and their expansion and diversification.


  • Research how the national theatre has been progressive in the work it has put on on its stages.


  • Complete a grade 4 ABRSM Music Theory exam online (booking required)


  • Support a pressure group in school by raising awareness of what it does. Give an assembly and write an article for the APA
  • Choose something to do with climate change and raise awareness of it in school.
  • Create a group within school that raises awareness of something that you think is important.
  • Play Geoguessr


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