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Welcome to

The Adeyfield Academy

Welcome to the Academy

The Adeyfield Academy is a fully inclusive 11-18 mixed academy, set in the heart of the Adeyfield community of Hemel Hempstead.

We are a proud member of the ATLAS Multi Academy Trust, serving students across three schools in Hertfordshire including St Albans Girls' School and Beech Hyde Primary School.  This new and exciting partnership has helped foster a learning environment which is focussed on our shared goals of Learning Without Limits.

The popularity of our school is evident by our growing numbers in Year 7 and 8, alongside the rich curriculum that we have tailored to the needs of our young people. The Adeyfield Academy has a culturally diverse intake, and we pride ourselves on our ability to support, nurture and challenge our students throughout their academic journey with us. 

The Adeyfield Academy has a reputation for having excellent pastoral support with a caring and dedicated staff led by Ms Dawn Mason and her Leadership Team.  Wherever possible, student groups are kept small to achieve the best outcomes, alongside appropriate support and learning pathways which are developed for the individual needs of each student.  For these reasons, and because of our dedicated Special Educational Needs and Disabilities department, families of children with SEND needs are attracted to the school.  Visitors to the school often comment on the friendly atmosphere that is promoted between staff and students at The Adeyfield Academy.

 "the magic of the school is that you feel a sense of togetherness as you wander around. There is something in the walls here which you can't really explain"  

 At The Adeyfield Academy all students have equal access to the resources to help them to achieve their full potential and we work closely with parents and carers to achieve this aim. The Adeyfield Academy is a vibrant, inclusive school where students are encouraged to learn and achieve irrespective of gender, ethnicity, class, special educational needs, beliefs or any other personal characteristics.

Communication between home and the school is extremely important to us and we value regular contact with parents and carers at all times. Students are expected to achieve high standards of work and behaviour in a friendly but disciplined learning environment. We aim to provide students with the skills and abilities to help them develop into independent, productive and resourceful young people.

If you require any further information, or if you would like a personal interview and/or a visit to the school during a normal working day, we would be more than happy to organise this. Please contact our Reception on 01442 406020.

Ms Dawn Mason, Principal


Our Head student and Deputy Head students

Liam - Head Student                                                                                                     

“My name is Liam and I am grateful and honoured to be the Head Student of the Adeyfield Academy. The role is a great privilege and I am excited to continue to progressively shape the Academy further than it already has been.

I have attended the Adeyfield Academy since Year 7 and through the years witnessed the positive progression of the school towards being a more ergonomic place for students. During my time studying at the academy, I have constantly been supported and pushed towards achieving goals further than I believed I could reach. Attending this Academy I have built an ambition for learning, discovered new interests and been equipped with a versatile range of skills.

My vision as the Head Student of the Adeyfield Academy is to ensure, as a community, we create a comfortable environment for all students of the school. This vision will be met by focusing on student feedback and providing a voice for all students to give their thoughts. One of the core aims within this vision is to make sure as a community we further focus on student mental health and work to support students and their learning. 

I am thrilled to begin this journey and to be more closely involved in the constant innovation of the Adeyfield Academy. With the support of my team, teachers and the students I hope to have a real impact in the school and bring change to continue for many years to come.”

Amie - Deputy Head Student                                                                                  

 “My name is Amie and I am one of two Deputy Head Students who support the Head Student. This role is a privilege to have because it allows me to grow as a person and learn what it takes to have a leadership role. It is also a privilege to help change the future of the Adeyfield Academy’s future.

I have been part of the Adeyfield community since year 7 and have watched the school grow and develop for the better. I have had excellent support throughout the years at the school and have been given some great opportunities, such as revision sessions from experts for free. The support that i get has enabled me to obtain good experiences and qualifications. Having a small school has also allowed me to know each pupil more. 

Every leadership role has a determined student that wants what is best for the school and I am grateful to be working with great students from younger years and the teachers from the Adeyfield Academy as this will give me the support that is necessary.

The next year I hope to be able to support every student and show them that the leaders in the school want what is best. I hope the team I am working with will support each other in celebrating each individual student and the successes they have achieved. I cannot wait to support the school and change the school into what the students feel is fit for their education.”

Joel - Deputy Head Student                                                                                   

“I am Joel, and I am very excited to begin my commitment to the Adeyfield Academy as one of the Deputy Head Students. I feel privileged to be able to undertake one of the most influential student leadership roles within the school I have witnessed positive change from when I first started back in Year 7. Having the opportunity to help promote improvement in this school and shape its future is an honour.

Throughout my time at this school, I have been able to massively develop as a person. I have been able to broaden my interests, gain a variety of new skills, pursue my academic ambitions to my full potential and meet a variety of talented, intelligent determined people within my year group, two of whom I am extremely excited to be able to cooperate with as part of the Student Leadership Team.

The Adeyfield community of staff and students is an extremely unique environment, the supportive atmosphere allowing me to build these close relationships with staff and other students in a way which I feel is invaluable experience to have with a group of people. This has enabled me to grow in terms of building confidence and determination to do well, being surrounded by great people.

Over the course of next year, with the support of all members of the school community, I hope to utilise the key skills and knowledge I have gained over six years of attending this school and use my final year to support Adeyfield in as many ways as possible. I would love to implement a sense of democracy within the school, where students can take even more ownership over their school. The upcoming student leadership roles for all students will reflect this movement, and I look forward to seeing this and many more positive impacts across this next school year.”

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