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Welcome to

The Adeyfield Academy

Welcome to the Academy

The Adeyfield Academy is a fully inclusive 11-18 mixed academy, set in the heart of the Adeyfield community in Hemel Hempstead.

We are a proud member of the ATLAS Multi Academy Trust, serving students across three schools in Hertfordshire including St Albans Girls' School and Beech Hyde Primary School. This exciting partnership has helped foster a learning environment which is focussed on our shared goals of Learning Without Limits. Collectively we are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning achieved through challenge and support, encouragement and praise. We continuously invest in professional development learning opportunities for all staff to ensure that every student is taught by a passionate and knowledgeable subject expert.

As well as working closely with ATLAS Multi Academy Trust, we also work closely with local families and businesses to serve the community of Adeyfield and Hemel Hempstead by providing an academic, focussed, well-rounded education, whilst supporting our students to ensure that all can and do flourish.

The popularity of our school is evident by our growing numbers in Year 7 and 8, alongside the rich curriculum that we have tailored to the needs of our young people. Academic progress is at the heart of our work. our students thrive on our exciting knowledge-rich and broad, balanced curriculum that will engage and challenge all students, no matter what their starting point. We endeavour to meet the needs of every child and eradicate barriers to their learning to be the best version of themselves.

We begin the day with morning line up, where uniform and equipment checks take place to ensure there is no loss of learning time in the classroom and high expectation are set from the start of the school day. We deliver personal development profiles each day during tutor time to develop their confidence and resilience. This includes a wider range of interesting and stimulating opportunities such as extensive student leadership roles, Duke of Edinburgh Award and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

We offer a vast range of extra-curricular activities including boxing, cheerleading and cookery club. Students can also participate in creative arts, through singing, music lessons and art club. These activities take place throughout the school day as well as after school to ensure everyone can participate. Moreover, we offer a vast array of educational visits for students to participate in so that friendships and the sense of our school community are deepened.

Our school values underpin all that we do and this approach led to us receiving the School of Character Kitemark, recognising our commitment to developing the whole child; offering an environment where children feel safe and can flourish, regardless of ability. We aim for our students to be courageous, dignified, respectful, compassionate and ambitious.  We want them to have good manners, show humility and empathy in their interactions in school and beyond the school gates as well as respect everybody’s unique contributions.

 "Relationships in the school are thriving and it is clear that the school’s established and widely understood values are providing a solid platform for building future success"   

We have established a culture of high aspirations and expectations and we hope the Adeyfield Five Star Student develops a keen sense of their responsibility in shaping a better future for themselves and their community. We know that by having high expectations of students there is no limit to what they can achieve. In entrusting the care and education of your child to us, you will be giving them the opportunity to make their own unique contribution to the school and in turn, to draw on all that we offer to make them ready for their journey through life.

We have developed an environment which enables student to focus on learning through our culture and facilities. We have heavily invested in new science laboratories, internal doors, 3G sporting facilities as well as our new Jubilee Building opened in 2023 with classrooms equipped with everything
needed for learning to come alive in a modern learning environment.

We place strong importance on our Home School Agreement to ensure that students are recognised for their achievements at home as well as at school. This ensures regular, consistent and specific praise. We show them that they can achieve and instil a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. We value regular contact with parents/carers at all times to support students learning and provide the best pastoral care.

We are incredibly proud of our school and I hope the information on our website gives you some indication of the reasons why. If you require any further information, or if you would like a personal interview and/or a visit to the Academy during a normal working day, we would be more than happy to organise this. Please contact our reception on 01442 406020.

Miss Dawn Mason, Principal

Our Head Student and Sixth Form Leadership Team

Head Student - Florence S

Hi everyone, my name is Florence and I am the Head Student at The Adeyfield Academy. Upon various experiences in life and exposure to the world at large, my perspective of school is extremely comprehensive. School has a cultivating nature and my goal is to amplify enthusiasm within the academy from staff to students by stimulating a community of high moral value. Through my involvement in various activities such as sports and debate, - I strive to cater to an array of student's interests whilst highlighting the fundamentals of their educational journey. As an academic, I believe that knowledge is power so I hope that I can learn every day in this role and support the student body simultaneously. Thank you. 

Deputy Head Students - Blake J, Angel K and Alice C


Hello, my name is Blake and I am one of the Deputy Student Leaders here at The Adeyfield Academy. With a proven track record of leadership, I am proud of my role at the school and committed to representing the student body whilst fostering an optimistic and positive school environment. Through my speaking and communication skills alongside a genuine desire to make a positive difference and impact on the community, I am poised to support the student leadership body in achieving its goals and making students realise their potential.


Hi, my name is Angel and I am one of the Deputy Head Students at The Adeyfield Academy. I am proud of my role within this school because the academy has been a place where I have always felt happy and I am proud that I can give back to this community. I am very social and want to be somebody that is there for anyone who needs help, no matter the size of the problem.


Hello, my name is Alice and I am one of the Deputy Head Students at The Adeyfield Academy. I am very grateful to hold this position as I have always enjoyed incorporating myself into the academy to assist in its growth and development since Year 7. Through my previous achievements and roles that I have held throughout my academic career, I have acquired a wide variety of transferable skills that I am taking with me in my new role. My main focus is to build positive connections with students from all year groups and provide them with any information they require in order to succeed. I also aim to create and share as many opportunities as I can so that they feel supported with reaching their full potential. I am excited to see what this role has to offer and I am optimistic about the positive changes that will be made to the academy in the future. Thank you everyone! 

Sixth Form Ambassadors - George F and Bradley C


Hello there, my name is George and I am a student at The Adeyfield Academy. I first joined Adeyfield in Year 7 and since then I have thrived in my academic path thanks to the support given to me by the school. My goal as Sixth Form Ambassador is to help students in our school get the same support that I did throughout my academic journey. I feel I will have success with this goal as I already have many friends and relationships with students in lower years, which will allow me to connect with them not only on an academic level, but on a personal level too.


I have been at The Adeyfield Academy for 6 years now in which I have developed countless skills, including in extra-curricular activities such as Football and Athletics. I believe this is essential for my goal of being a step closer to the students, which will mean I am there as a friend and a role model. Another big goal for me is helping students who are struggling to regain confidence and reach potential.

Community Leader - Safiya U

Hello, my name is Safiya, and I am the Charity and Community Ambassador. I am exceptionally honoured to have the privilege to have this fantastic role. I have participated in Cultural Diversity Day, for the last couple of years, and am organising the event, this year. I hope to bring all communities together, and celebrate diversity. I have also supported refugee students who have joined the Academy. Being from an Asian heritage, I understand the difficulties they face. With me being trilingual, I am easily able to communicate with them. I have been a member of St John Ambulance for over ten years, and think that knowing first aid is a critical skill to have, and would like to organise workshops, in my position. Since I was young, I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting local charities, and have been told that I am very kind-hearted, and thrive, knowing that my actions allow me to make a positive impact, within the community. These multifaceted experiences have allowed me abundant opportunities for personal growth, and development. I also want to focus on mental health, and the importance of spreading awareness, and seeking support in early stages is imperative, and I wish to fundraise more for mental health charities, and have more assemblies on the importance of mental health. I also hope to organise more fundraising events, and encourage the school to participate in competitions, to raise more money for charities.


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Hemel Hempstead

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