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Rewards & Consequences

At The Adeyfield Academy we have high standards of conduct so that all can learn in a safe, happy and secure environment.

We recognise the value of rewarding hard work and contribution to the school community. Students are rewarded by;

  • Praise from their teachers and support staff
  • Phone calls and postcards home
  • The issuing of house points by subject and pastoral staff, and for contribution to sports, arts, drama and school events
  • Termly rewards assemblies involving the issuing of certificates and other prizes, for academic success, contribution to school life and Year Group Values, attendance, and house points
  • Rewards throughout the year for participation in individual school projects 

We also have high standards of conduct so that all students can learn and achieve their potential in a happy secure environment. Good behaviour is supported by;

  • Guidance from Form Tutors and teaching staff
  • Reports - Form Tutor, Head of Year, SLT, Amber, Positive
  • Communication with parents
  • Mentors (peer and staff)
  • Pastoral Support Programmes
  • External outreach programmes

Behaviour that disrupts learning, upsets others or compromises the respect due to all staff at the school, will be addressed in a firm and fair manner. If detentions are issued both students and parents/carers will be informed by InTouch and via our online app Classcharts. The aim of any consequence is to inform and guide students in making better choices in the future, so that their time at The Adeyfield Academy is productive and happy. 

The whole school Behaviour for Learning Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

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