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The Adeyfield Academy: Learning Without Limits

The Adeyfield Academy wholeheartedly believes that the young people in our community have the right to an education that enables them to experience learning without limits. As a learning community we have a relentless focus on promoting the following:

  • Compassion - so that we are a fully inclusive community whose members value and demonstrate exceptional attitudes towards each other and the wider world 

  • Courage - so our learners who embody resilience and bravery, so that they have the courage to approach new learning and life opportunities with curiosity and drive

  • Ambition - so we create a community that strives for excellence in academic, cultural, creative and sporting endeavours 

  • Respect - so we celebrate and respect the unique contributions made by every member of our school and understand the value that each individual brings to the community

  • Dignity - so that members of our community conduct themselves with humility and empathy in their interactions in school and beyond the school gates

We aim to:
  • Deliver quality first teaching

  • Establish high expectations of students in all areas of school life

  • Encourage students’ confidence, self-esteem and self efficacy 

  • Value all students as individuals so that they can achieve their full academic and personal potential

  • Instil a sense of adventure and broadening of horizons

  • Provide opportunities to be courageous learners

  • Extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom 

  • Provide an environment so that students develop moral and spiritual values

  • Produce students who are independent of thought and have a lifelong enthusiasm for learning

  • Establish mutual respect between all members of the school community

  • Provide a broad curriculum which values the strengths of each subject and student equally

  • Create a positive, secure and purposeful atmosphere

  • Creative an environment where growth mindsets are valued 

  • Foster links with parents/carers and the wider community

  • Encourage excellence in every area of school life

  • Create an environment which encourages true dialogue between members of our school and the wider community

  • Deliver a philosophy that promotes Learning without limits

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Hemel Hempstead

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