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Key Stage 3

What will be studied?

The intent of the Spanish curriculum at Key Stage 3  is to foster students’ enthusiasm for language learning and therefore deepen their understanding of how language is constructed.  Students will learn to express their ideas and thoughts in another language  as well as understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing. They will also be able communicate for practical purposes, learn new ways of thinking and develop a wider appreciation of other cultures .

Spanish is the native language of over 480 million people across 44 different countries in the world. It is currently ranked as the world language with the second largest number of native speakers. Learning Spanish therefore gives our students fantastic opportunities to communicate effectively in a large number of countries. It will also provide the foundation for learning other languages in the future, equipping students to study and work internationally as global citizens.

Spanish at Key Stage 3 forms part of a 5 year learning journey for students. At KS3 students will develop their skills in Listening, Reading, Speaking, writing and grammar in order to be able to progress confidently to GCSE level.


Key Stage 4

Exam Board: AQA

Specification: 8698

Course content

GCSE Spanish builds on the themes studied in Years 7, 8  and 9, but develops students’ variety and complexity of language so that they are able to express themselves on a variety of topics, including current social and global issues. Students will develop their spoken and written skills to a level where they would be able to deal with a range of real life situations in the countries where Spanish is spoken. Students will eventually complete a 2 year course to gain a full GCSE.

Entries for the final examination are tiered at Foundation (Grades 5-1) and Higher (Grades 9-4).

Mode of Assessment:

Students will sit exams in all four language skills at the end of Year 11. These will be equally weighted at 25% each:


Listening: Understanding of spoken language extracts. Question types : Multiple choice and  written responses. (75% of answers in English, 25% of answers in Spanish)


Speaking : Asking and answering questions in Spanish via the following tasks :                                                 1. Role play scenario. 2.Photo description and questions 3. General conversation.


Reading : Understanding of written language extracts. Question types : Multiple choice, written responses (75% of answers in English, 25% of answers in Spanish) and translation from Spanish to English.


Writing : Translation into Spanish. Extended writing questions Spanish (40 word, 90 word and 150 word responses in Spanish depending on if students are entered for Foundation or Higher Tier)

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