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Rewards & Sanctions

At The Adeyfield Academy we have high standards of conduct so that all can learn in a safe, happy and secure environment.

We recognise the value of rewarding hard work and contribution to the school community.   Students are rewarded by:

  • Praise from their teachers and support staff
  • Phone calls and praise postcards home
  • The issuing of achievement points by teachers and support staff
  • Termly rewards assemblies involving the issuing of certificates and other prizes, for academic success, contribution to school life, attendance and achievement points
  • Golden Star 
  • Wall of Fame/Hall of Fame 
  • Head of Year awards/prizes 
  • Principal's Award    

Our Consequences System is designed to support students in their learning and enjoyment of school. It is also there to support our ethos and values of '5 Star Students'

Whilst our ethos is to reward students as often as possible, there inevitably have to be clear expectations regarding behaviour. The rewards and consequences system is based on promoting learning; any type of behaviour that prevents the student or others from learning will be taken very seriously.

Our Consequences System is based on a fair set of rules that will be applied by all staff consistently. The system gives students the chance to behave. If students choose not to behave, they will be given a verbal reminder - students will be reminded by the teacher of the high expectations for behaviour. If poor behaviour persists, students will be given a verbal warning - students will be again reminded of the high expectations for behaviour, but also warned that if their behaviour does not dramatically improve, they will be removed from their lesson and taken to The Silent Study Room. 

Students will be expected to work quietly and independently within the silent study room. Any student sent to the silent study room will remain in school until 4pm that same day. Parents will receive an email notification on the day their child was sent to the silent study room and the reason why. Any student issued with a centralised detention will  be notified via our online app, Class Charts.

Persistent or serious behaviour will result in more serious consequences such as an SLT two hour detention on a Fridayinternal exclusionfixed term external exclusion, or permanent exclusion

Whilst all disciplinary matters are dealt with on their individual merits, we aim to be fair with consequences and would emphasise our expectations of your support. 

The whole school Behaviour for Learning Policy can be viewed by clicking  here, including the addendum added in light of Covid-19.

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