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Performing Arts

Key Stage 3

What will be studied?

Key Stage 3 Performing Arts provides students with the opportunity to express themselves through practical performance. The intent of the Performing Arts curriculum is to encourage creativity and imagination whilst developing students confidence and communication skills.

Students will be provided with the opportunity to explore both Dance and Drama throughout the curriculum, exploring the physical and vocal performance skills required for a performance. The Performing Arts curriculum will enrich students knowledge of the Performing Arts industry by exploring various Performance styles and theatrical skills, as well as learning about technical elements of theatre and various renowned Performing Arts practitioners and Theatre companies.

Performing Arts at Key Stage 3 will encourage students to explore and expand their boundaries of self-awareness and confidence, as well as develop their individual communication and listening skills. Students will be expected to partake in regular class performances demonstrating the various skills studied, as well as be able to show appreciation of the performances of their peers through regular peer-assessment tasks.

Students will be provided with the opportunity to work with others as part of a group, and share their creative ideas and opinions through discussion and rehearsal on a regular basis. Performing Arts students will become creative thinkers that explore practically how to express emotions and develop the skills and techniques required for Acting and Dance. They will be provided with the opportunity to develop their self-expression through regular performances to their peers, resulting in an improvement in self-belief and confidence as they follow each year.

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