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Core PE

In PE,  the curriculum is designed in order to promote enjoyment of, knowledge of and ability in physical activity and sport. We aim:

  • To develop student’s deep understanding of the physical, social and emotional benefits of physical activity and know ways to improve their physical fitness.

  • For students to leave The Adeyfield Academy knowing what they enjoy taking part in, knowing how to improve their physical fitness and knowing how and what pathways to look for when  they leave school whether it be as a participant or as a leader.

  • To equip students with the tools to take opportunities to participate in competitive sport within school, in external competitions and offering guidance for those wishing to compete at a higher level.

  • For students to leave The Adeyfield Academy with the knowledge to make educated choices to participate regularly in physical activity for lifelong learning.

  • For students to develop confidence, resilience and respect through working with their peers in various contexts. Developing their communication skills,  their ability to listen and respect other people’s ideas and views.


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