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A Level Biology

Level of Course: 3

Board: OCR

Specification: H420


A Level Biology aims to enthuse students in the essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject.  Practical opportunities are regularly explored to allow the development of scientific skills, as well as mathematical and problem solving skills.  The course considers the decisions made by society and how science contributes to the success of the economy.

Biology A Level is an academic course involving fundamental practical tasks.  The course is assessed through written papers of the concepts alone, with practical skills assessed separately. The course aims to develop an interest in further study and careers in Biology.

There are 6 units:

1. Development of practical skills in biology

2. Foundations in biology

3. Exchange and transport
4. Biodiversity, evolution and disease
5. Communication, homeostasis and energy
6. Genetics, evolution and ecosystems

How is the course assessed?

At A Level, components assess the content from different modules as outlined in the table below.  All components contain synoptic assessment.

Assessment title

Modules assessed

Length of paper

Assessment value

Biological processes (01)

1, 2, 3 and 5

100 marks

(2hours 15minutes)


Biological diversity (02)

1, 2, 4 and 6

100 marks

(2hours 15minutes)


Unified biology (03)


70 marks

(1 hour 30 minutes)


Practical endorsement in biology (04)

Throughout course


Details of assessment to be confirmed by Ofqual.

Reported separately

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