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Pre-return testing

Further to our correspondence last week, we can confirm students are invited for their first test during the following windows:

Friday 5 March

First test for key worker and vulnerable students already in school; we will arrange for them to  come out of lessons at intervals throughout the day.  Students tested on Friday do not need to  attend their first slot below:

Monday 8 March

  • Form 7-1 testing from 9.00am
  • Form 7-2 testing from 9.30am
  • Form 7-3 testing from 10.00am
  • Form 7-4 testing from 10.30am
  • Form 7-5 testing from 11.30am
  • Year 12 testing from 12.00pm
  • Year 13 testing from 12.45pm

Tuesday 9 March

  • Form 8-1 testing from 9.00am
  • Form 8-2 testing from 9.30am
  • Form 8-3 testing from 10.00am
  • Form 8-4 testing from 10.30am
  • Form 10-1 testing from 11.30am
  • Form 10-2 testing from 12.00pm
  • Form 10-3 testing from 12.30pm
  • Form 10-4 testing from 1.00pm

Wednesday 10 March

  • Form 9-1 testing from 9.00am
  • Form 9-2 testing from 9.30am
  • Form 9-3 testing from 10.00am
  • Form 9-4 testing from 10.30am
  • Form 11-1 testing from 11.30am
  • Form 11-2 testing from 12.00pm
  • Form 11-3 testing from 12.30pm
  • Form 11-4 testing from 1.00pm



Please note that uniform is not required for students coming into school for a test, however they should wear a mask at all times inside the building unless medically exempt. Each form group has   a 30 minute window so please arrive promptly.  It is imperative that these times are adhered to due to the tight turnaround and ensuring we are following control measures.

Entry for testing is via the main reception entrance, where your child’s Head of Year will check consent and stagger entrance into the building.  It is essential that students do not mingle in the car park or outside school premises, maintaining 2m distancing at all times, and we ask for your support in reinforcing this before your child leaves home.

In order to keep the number of persons on site as low as possible, parents are asked to remain outside the school building if bringing their student in for their test.

If you wish your child to be tested, but have not yet given consent, please complete the consent form here.    Please note that should a student come for testing, but we have not received consent, we will not be permitted to test them.

Students should return home immediately after testing and not loiter in or outside the school premises.  All students will be set remote learning on the day of their test, and should participate in this before and after their testing window.

All negative test results will be sent to parents via the NHS service within an hour of the test being taken (to the email or mobile you specified during the consent process).  In the event your child tests positive at school, we will be in touch with parents directly as soon as the result is known.

Second and third tests will be undertaken during normal school time, and students will be taken out of lessons briefly during the relevant days.  After three tests are complete, we will be distributing home testing kits per the latest government guidance.

In addition to student home test kits, the government has advised that all households and support bubbles of secondary school aged children are eligible for twice weekly testing.  Guidance can be found here on how to access test kits for your family.

Return to school for timetabled lessons

Please see below the timings of the school day for your child:

  • Year 7:    Tuesday 9th - Arrival 8.30-8.35am, Left hand gate
  • Year 8:    Wednesday 10th - Arrival 8.30-8.35am, Right hand gate
  • Year 9:    Thursday 11th - Arrival 8.35-8.40am, Right hand gate
  • Year 10: Wednesday 10th - Arrival 8.35-8.40am, Left hand gate
  • Year 11: Thursday 10th - Arrival 8.35-8.40am, Left hand gate
  • Year 12: Tuesday 9th - Arrival 8.30-8.35am, Main entrance
  • Year 13: Tuesday 9th - Arrival 8.30-8.35am, Main entrance

Face Masks

As you will be aware, the government has announced that secondary age students should wear a mask at all times while inside the school where 2m distancing cannot be maintained, at least for the coming weeks (to be reviewed at Easter).  The main impact on this will be in the majority of lessons, as many of our classrooms cannot accommodate full social distancing.  Our students were doing brilliantly at wearing masks in corridors and queues last term, and we know they are keen to do all they can to protect their friends, classmates and teachers by wearing masks in lessons. 

If your child cannot wear a mask, please do advise your child’s Head of Year of the details of their medical exemption.  Where applicable, we will ensure suitable control measures relevant to the nature of their situation (it could be an alternative face covering, or a change to classroom seating plans) and issue a ‘mask pass’ to enable teachers to easily identify students impacted.

If you are experiencing difficulty in supplying masks for your child, please don’t hesitate to contact, and we can assist you with this. 

Additional Information

The restaurant will be open as normal for staggered break and lunchtimes, from Tuesday 9 March onwards (key worker students will be able to visit the canteen on Monday lunchtime).  Please click here for further information from our catering partner, Aspens, about changes to our lunch offer, cash facility and our upcoming themed day.

Please ensure your child comes to school with the equipment they need for learning, including a reusable water bottle should they wish to refill from the drinking fountains.  Avoiding sharing of equipment where possible remains a key control measure in government guidance.

As per last term, students should come to school in their PE kit on days where they have PE lessons.  It is also recommended that all students dress appropriately, bearing in mind that windows throughout school will be open all day in order to comply with ventilation requirements.  Although the heating will be on, it will inevitably be colder in classrooms than we would like.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Miss S Rogers

School Business Manager

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