Adeyfield School - Business Enterprise College & Applied Learning Specialism

Senior Staff and Form Tutors

Senior Leadership Team

Mr. D Allen Interim Headteacher
Ms. A Thomson Interim Headteacher
Ms. D Mason Principal
Mr D Cline Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Griggs Assistant Headteacher
Ms N Walker Assistant Headteacher

Heads of Faculty

Ms. E Clarke Maths
Ms. G Harwood English
Mr. S Barrett Science
Ms. L Gover Creative Arts & Sport
Ms. E Cline Global studies
Ms. L Elmes The Technologies
Ms. J Day IEN

Other Positions

Dr. R Evans Lead Practitioner
Ms. C Costello Lead Practitioner
Ms. A Thomson Child Protection & Safeguarding
Ms. L Redford IT Network Manager
Mr. J Guglielmo Facilities Manager
Ms. L Corry-Spurr Finance Manager

Year 7

Head of Year - Mr W Hutchinson

Tutor Form Room
Ms. S Hodges 7-1 50
Ms. L Elmes 7-2 17
Mr. M Gibson 7-3 2
Ms. D Robertson 7-4 47

Year 8

Head of Year - Ms. L Sandford

Tutor Form Room
Ms. E Treadwell 8-1 3
Ms. A Gent/Mr. C Rance 8-2
Ms V Hime 8-3 48
Ms. L White 8-4

Year 9

Head of Year - Ms. J Carden

Tutor Form Room
Ms. K Hare 9-1
Ms. K Jaques 9-2 9
Ms. P Camp 9-3 46
Ms. L Coates 9-4 4

Year 10

Head of Year - Ms. T Rowland

Tutor Form Room
Ms. T Wilson 10-1 15
Mr. S Armitage 10-2 51
Mr. R Mellor 10-3 39
Mr. A Reid 10-4

Year 11

Head of Year - Ms. K Walters

Tutor Form Room
Ms. S Milward 11-1 14
Mr. D Robertson 11-2 10
Ms. J Russell 11-3 28
Ms. J Day 11-4 35

Post 16

Head of Year - Mr M Young

Tutor Form Room
Ms. E Cline 12-1 30
Ms. F Heer/Ms. G Harwood 12-2
Dr. R Evans 13-1 40